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Access and use of the Oruen.com website, by individuals in the UK or from any international location, is provided by Oruen Limited subject to terms and conditions.  By using the Oruen.com website all users agree to be bound by the following listed terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions are immediately applicable following your initial use of the Oruen.com website.  If you are not prepared to be bound by all these terms conditions, you must not access the Oruen.com website, or contribute to it, or interact with it.  Oruen Limited reserve the right to change these terms and condition periodically and without notice.  Users who continue to use the Oruen.com website will be considered to have accepted our updated or changed terms and conditions.  If you cannot agree to any of these changes, you should stop using the Oruen.com website.


The Oruen.com website is not hosted by Oruen Limited to provide medical advice

The content, information, and data presented on the Oruen.com website is intended for medically qualified healthcare professionals who are licensed to practice medicine and/or provide patient care.  This content, which may include: text, images, illustrations, graphics, video clips, audio, and other materials, is provided for information purposes only.  Content presented on the Oruen.com website should not be viewed as medical advice, diagnostic criteria or treatment recommendations.  All physicians and healthcare professionals are expected to exercise their professional judgement prior to incorporating any content from the Oruen.com website into any aspect of their clinical practice.  Oruen Limited stress that all information available on the Oruen.com website should be independently verified before any physician or healthcare professional chooses to rely on it in clinical practice.

Any individual who is not medically qualified should seek advice from a physician or an appropriately qualified healthcare professional, before acting on, or refraining from taking action, based on any content presented on the Oruen.com website.  Oruen Limited stress that any individual with a question or query about a medical condition should always consult their doctor or a relevant qualified healthcare professional.  Do not ignore any medical advice you are given, and do not delay seeking medical advice if you are concerned about anything you have read on the Oruen.com website.  If you think you, or anyone else may be having a medical emergency call your doctor or the emergency services immediately.

Oruen Limited do not recommend or endorse specific tests, procedures, treatments, aids, interventions, or opinions/information available on the Oruen.com website.  Should any individual choose to act, or defer from acting, on any information available on the Oruen.com website, this is deemed to be entirely at his or her own risk.


Additional applicable terms

These additional terms also apply to your use of the Oruen.com website.

Oruen Limited. Privacy Policy

This defines the terms and conditions relating to the way we process, collect, and store any personal data provided by you, or accumulated by Oruen Limited.  By using the Oruen.com website you are consenting to this data processing and providing an assurance that all data provided by you are complete and accurate.


Changes to the Oruen.com website

Oruen may update their website and change its content periodically and without notice.  The content on the Oruen.com website may be out-of-date at any point in time; however, Oruen Limited are under no obligation to update it.  Furthermore, Oruen Limited do not guarantee that their website content is error-free and/or without omissions.


Access to Oruen.com

Access to Oruen.com is free of charge; however, Oruen Limited cannot guarantee that the website, or any of its contents, will always be available, or that access will not be interrupted.   Users should be aware that access to Oruen.com is only permitted on a temporary basis.  Oruen Limited may change, withdraw, or discontinue any part, or all of Oruen.com, without notice.  Oruen Limited accept no liability for inability to access Oruen.com at any time, or for any duration of time.

All users of Oruen.com must accept responsibility for making their own necessary arrangements and provisions for access to the website.  Additionally, all users of Oruen.com must accept responsibility for the compliance of all individuals who may access Oruen.com through their internet connection, to the terms and conditions associated with using Oruen.com.


Your Oruen account and password

To access, participate, and contribute to Oruen.com and any associated or linked website communities, registration is a necessary requirement.  Accordingly, any of the personal information you supply as part of, or to complete the registration process will be collected, stored and used confidentially within Oruen Limited. This information will not be passed on to third parties

Any user identification code, password, or other information provided by Oruen Limited, or chosen by website users as part of our website security procedures, must be held on a strictly confidential basis.  Disclosure of your Oruen.com individual security details to any third party is prohibited.  If you become aware, or suspect, another individual or individuals know(s) your identification code and password details you should notify Oruen Limited immediately at editor@oruencardio.wpengine.com.

Oruen Limited reserves the right to disable any identification code or password provided by Oruen Limited, or chosen by an individual website user, at any time, if we have reasonable grounds to suspect any Oruen.com website user has failed to comply with our terms and conditions.

All Oruen.com accounts must be registered using a valid e-mail address that the account user accesses regularly.  Any Oruen.com account registered using anyone else’s e-mail address, or with a temporary e-mail address, may be closed without notice by Oruen Limited.  Oruen Limited will request their account users to revalidate their account, if an invalid e-mail address has been identified or is suspected.


Intellectual Property

All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents, and registered or unregistered intellectual property rights disclosed or present on the Oruen.com website, and all content located on the site shall remain vested in Oruen Limited, or its licensors.  This may include other Oruen.com users.

Users of the Oruen.com website are expressly prohibited from copying, reproducing, or republishing Oruen.com content.  Additionally, users must not disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, download, post, broadcast, publicise, or otherwise utilise Oruen.com website content, in any way, unless this is for personal, non-commercial use.  Oruen.com users must agree not to adapt, alter, or create a derivative work from our website content, unless this is for bona fide personal, non-commercial use; any other use necessitates the prior, written permission of Oruen Limited.

The names, images, and logos that illustrate and/or identify Oruen Limited, or associated third parties, and their products and services, are subject to copyright protection, design rights, and trademarks held by Oruen Limited.  Nothing described or contained in these terms and conditions should be construed or interpreted as conferring any licence, permission, or right to use any trademark, design right or copyright belonging to Oruen Limited, or any associated other third party.

No part of the content on Oruen.com is available for commercial purposes for any other party without obtaining written permission from Oruen Limited or from our licensors.

Any user of Oruen.com who prints, copies, or downloads any content from this website in breach of Oruen Limited’s terms of use will immediately lose the right to access and use our website, and will be required to return to Oruen Limited or destroy any such copies of materials they have made.

Oruen statement: Do not rely on Oruen.com website information

The information provided on the Oruen.com website is presented as general information, and for the interest of physicians and healthcare professionals only.  Our website content is not intended to convey advice on which the intended audience should rely on – or incorporate into their routine clinical practice.  The information and content provided on Oruen.com is not intended to comprise a definitive or complete statement of fact on any specific medical/clinical situation.  Content, narrative and explanations may not be sufficient for specific situations and challenges faced by physicians and healthcare professionals.

Oruen Limited will make all reasonable efforts to update the information and content presented on Oruen.com.  However, Oruen Limited cannot make any representations, warranties, assurances, or guarantees – either express or implied – that the information and content on Oruen.com is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.  Furthermore, content and information on Oruen.com may be incorrect, out-of-date and selective; it may not reflect all recent developments in a specific topic or field of clinical investigation.  Oruen.com website users should be aware that physicians, clinical investigators, and medical professionals may have different opinions and perspectives.

The information and content on Oruen.com is intended for information and use by physicians and healthcare professionals; it should not be deemed to be a source of medical advice, or a basis for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  Oruen Limited stresses that all physicians and healthcare professionals must exercise their professional judgment and independently verify any information they derive from Oruen.com on which they choose to rely on.  Any individual who is not a qualified medical practitioner should seek advice from their doctor before taking or avoiding any action motivated by information or content on the Oruen.com website.

Limitation of liability

The terms and conditions defined by Oruen Limited do not exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, our fraud, or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by English law.  Users of our website must assume sole responsibility for the use of information and/or content obtained from Oruen.com.  Oruen Limited shall have no liability for any damage caused by errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in any information available on their website.

To the fullest extent permissible by law, Oruen Limited excludes or limits all conditions, warranties, representations, or other terms implied by statute or common law which may apply to Oruen’s website, or any content on it, whether express or implied.  These exclusions include the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a specific purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.

Oruen Limited does not guarantee the timeliness, completeness, or performance of their website, or any of the content it contains.  Oruen Limited endeavours to ensure all their website content is correct at the time of publication; however, no responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of Oruen Limited for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the content of their website.

Oruen Limited will not be liable to any user of their website for any loss or damage, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, even if foreseeable, arising under, or in connection with the following circumstances.  These are: use of, or inability to use our website, or reliance on any content displayed on the Oruen.com website.  Specifically, Oruen Limited will not be liable for loss of profits, sales, business or revenue; business interruption; loss of anticipated savings; loss of business opportunity, goodwill or reputation, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Oruen Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a virus or distributed denial-of-service attack, or any other technologically harmful material that may infect computer equipment, computer programmes, data, or other proprietary material due to use of Oruen Limited’s website, or to users downloading content from Oruen.com, or any website linked to it.

Oruen Limited assumes no responsibility for the content of any website linked to our own website.  Any link to any other website does not denote or imply Oruen Limited endorsement of such linked websites.  Accordingly, Oruen Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage that may be a consequence of using any linked website.


Linking to Oruen.com

Oruen Limited allows other websites to link to our home page; however, this must be done in a manner that is reasonable, fair, and legal, and does not damage the reputation of Oruen Limited, take advantage of it, or exploit it.  Any link to the Oruen Limited website should be established so it does not suggest any form of association with Oruen Limited, or approval and/or endorsement by Oruen Limited when this does not exist.

Oruen Limited prohibits establishing a link to their website in any website that is not owned by the person or persons making the link.  Oruen Limited insists that their website is not framed on any other website.  When creating a link to our website, this must be to our home page.  The creation of a link to any other part of the Oruen.com website is not permitted.  Oruen Limited reserves the right to withdraw permission to link to their website without prior notice.

If you would like to make use of any content on the Oruen.com website other than that described in these terms and conditions, please contact editor@oruencardio.wpengine.com with details of your request.


Links to third parties and additional resources in Oruen.com

Links to other websites and to resources provided by third parties in the Oruen.com website are provided to users of our website for information only.  Oruen Limited has no control over, or influence on the content of these websites or resources.  Consequently, Oruen Limited affirms that any use of these sites and resources is entirely at the website visitor’s or resource user’s own risk.


How to contact us

To contact us please e-mail editor@oruencardio.wpengine.com

Thank you for visiting Oruen.com and for taking the time to read our terms and conditions.


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