Watch CME-accredited learning activities in collaboration with the EBAC.

Oruen-Cardiology is proud to partner with EBAC, the “European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology”.

EBAC accredits international “Continuing Medical Education” (CME) activities (Events, CD ROM, Web CME, CME articles) in cardiology in Europe.


EBAC Mission

According to its EBAC Policy Statement and Accreditation Rules, the role of EBAC goes beyond providing accreditation services:

“EBAC will stimulate, coordinate and facilitate high quality CME/CPD in cardiovascular medicine, both for individuals and institutions, in order to provide the highest possible standard of care for patients and populations. EBAC awards CME points as a sign of quality and independence for participation in CME/CPD activities. Definitions of learning objectives, targeting the audience, and assuring objectively presented scientific content are among the key features that will be considered by EBAC when accrediting a programme.”

It is the aim of continuing medical education/ continuing professional development (CME/CPD) to maintain and update medical competence in cardiovascular medicine.

This includes:

  • interdisciplinary and interprofessional CME
  • training in social and communication skills
  • methodological tools like evidence based medicine, quality assurance, total quality management etc.

EBAC accredits

  • international CME/CPD activities in cardiovascular medicine
  • national CME/CPD activities in cardiovascular medicine, for which international participation can be expected. EBAC accreditation is not competitive but rather subsidiary to national accreditation systems, targeting the participants from foreign countries,
  • national CME/CPD activities in case a national accreditation authority does not provide accreditation services.


CME activities by Oruen-Cardiology to follow soon.


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